The Latimer Brothers
a collection of art from two similar minds
Alex and Patrick Latimer

Curious, Whetstone & Frankley is pleased to announce a most curious new show by the art world's tallest brothers (we will confirm whether enticements to have them come to the opening as Siamese twins are successful). “The Latimer Brothers” opens at 6pm on Wednesday, 4 March 2009.

Having grown up watching their dad paint and sculpt, these siblings have found art to be as natural to them as being tall or growing beards. It's what they do when they're at the dentist, when the TV's on and when the TV's off, in meetings, at lunch, over a game of ultimate swing-ball or on holiday (but mostly at a desk with a clutch pencil and a ream of paper).

For this exhibition Patrick used a dipping pen and watercolour to create villages of shiny nosed creatures found in the trees and shrubs of his mind. Alex just drew whatever came to him - from book-loving pirates to instructions about the real rules of rock, paper, scissors in whatever medium was closest at hand. (Usually pencil and computer, but sometimes super black India Ink, watercolour paints or permanent marker.)

Together, the Latimer brothers are also the creators of “The Western Nostril”, a comic strip that runs daily in Business Day.

Patrick's illustration blog:
Alex's illustration blog:

Opening: 6pm, 4 March 2009
Closing: 2pm, 18 March 2009
Opening hours: Wednesday – Friday 11am – 2pm, Saturday 10am – 2pm or by arrangement, call 072 596 3099
Address: 87a Station Road, Observatory
Contact: 021 44 88 780

Who are the Latimers? The brothers convey the essence of their themness, in just a few words:


During my school days I received the art prize every year from Standard 6 to Matric but after school, ignoring the obvious signs, I set out to study English and Philosophy instead – two subjects I am yet to win awards for.

Several years later after an altercation with a career in advertising and a brief damp stint in the UK, I got to thinking – perhaps Mr Coppin was right after all. So I quit MS Word and picked up an unused pencil. Before the night was out, I had worn that pencil down to a messy stump and ruined my living room walls. My career in illustration had begun.

A mere two years later I am illustrating for a variety of local magazines, I have a range of wrapping paper and cards that are doing quite well in shops and I’m about to hold my first exhibition (this one).

I like my illustrations to have strong ideas backing them up – so they’re not just nice to look at, they’re also nice to think about. Colour is extremely important in my work – I try to keep my pictures cheerful and uplifting as well as soothing and calm. The lack of a formal art education has worked to my advantage – I just make fun stuff and people seem to like it. I have no deeper message I want to convey, besides perhaps that life, like a chimpanzee is too short and weird to take seriously.


I've been drawing ever since I was small. Not continuously you understand - I couldn't draw while I was riding my BMX or climbing a tree. But the rest of the time I was drawing.

After leaving home I studied and worked in advertising. A lot of drawing happened there too - except during client meetings where it was frowned upon.

Then it occurred to me that I could illustrate for a living. This has been working out quite well so far. Now I only stop drawing when I have to refill my clutch pencil.

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