Information for Artists

Curious, Whetston and Frankley is a new space for revamping old ideas or ignoring precedent completely. We aim to offer conceptually sound and exciting work to buyers and a fair deal to the artist. We accommodate up-and-coming and established artists who propose bold new directions and interesting ideas. Artists can use Curious, Whetstone & Frankley for collaborations, more intimate shows and to test new concepts on a relaxed, yet discerning, crowd.

The space

Curious, Whetstone & Frankley is an intimate gallery which consists of two exhibition spaces, the front room (The Conservatory) has two high-ceilinged, 5.5m-long walls, while the back room (The Drawing Room) has two 4.5m walls and four 'nooks'. A secure courtyard at the back accommodates smokers and minglers at openings. You are welcome to come and view the space – just give us a call.

What we will do for you
  • Curious, Whetstone & Frankley will publicise your show to our media contacts and make sure it is featured in key media listings.
  • We will send out e-mail invitations 14 days before the event and a reminder three days before the opening. (We don't believe that posting invitations increases attendance, but we will accommodate this if required and paid for by the artist.)
  • We will hang the show in consultation with the artist. Work has to be delivered two days before the opening. Any special requirements or hanging requests must be communicated to and discussed with the Installer.
  • Drinks will be available on opening night. Catering is supplied on artists request and expense.
  • We will facilitate sales both through the gallery and online at
The artists agreement

For more detailed information on our terms and conditions, download the Curious, Whetstone & Frankley artists agreement here

About Us
Curious, Whetstone & Frankley (est. 2008) thumbs its nose at convention without compromising on quality.

During shows, we are open:
Wednesday to Friday, 11am to 2pm
Saturday, 10am to 2pm
Or by appointment: 072 596 3099

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Information for Artists
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